THIS STAINLESS STEEL PROP – DESIGNED FOR high-performance OptiMax® Pro XS and 300XS, and Verado® Pro FourStroke outboards – features Mercury Racing® Pro E.T.® drag race blades combined with a custom through-hub exhaust tube. This unique combination provides a 33 percent faster hole shot than the Pro E.T. and top-end speeds up to three mph faster.

It is ideal for use on bass, flats, cat flats, high-performance sport boats, and race boats.

  • MSRP Pro Finish: $740.00
  • MSRP Lab Finish: $945.00
Diameter 14.50″
Pro Finish Pitch 23″-32″
Lab Finish Pitch 24″-32″
Rotation RH
Finish Pro & Lab

27″ and 28″ pitch models available April 29.
25″ and 26″ pitch models available May 10. 
Remaining pitch sizes available by June 1.

  • Mercury exclusive X7® Alloy for unmatched strength and durability
  • Parabolic blade rake for enhanced bow lift
  • Efficient design provides an on-plane performance at 3500 RPM
  • Reduced prop slip in high-speed turns
  • Rated for 115-300 HP